Vellore is a historical city and the administrative headquarters of the Vellore District in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu. Vellore occupies an area of 87.915 sq.kms with a total population of 423,425 as per 2001 census.
Geographically, Vellore is at 12.92°North Latitudes 79.13°East Latitudes, 220m above the mean sea level and lies in the Easter Ghats on the banks of Palar river. It is located at about 135 kms west of state capital Chennai, 210 kms east of IT hub Bangalore and 100 kms south west of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.
Vellore Fort

Courtesy Soham

Vellore has a semi-arid climate and experiences high temperatures throughout the year with relatively low rainfall.
The City is well connected by roads and railways. Three main railway stations are Vellore town, Vellore town and Katpadi junction. The National Highways NH 46(Bangalore to Chennai road), NH 4(Ranipet to Chennai road) and NH 234 (Mangalore to Villupuram) pass through the City. The 16th Century Vellore fort housing the Jalakanteswara Temple and Tipu Mahal, Amirthi Zoological park, Government Museum, Yelagiri Hills, Big Mosque, Srilakshmi Golden temple are some of the prominent tourist destinations in and around Vellore district.

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