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CMC Vellore

CMC Vellore is one of the prominent hospitals in South India which services thousands of new and old patients every day coming from all over India and Abroad. Getting an appointment at CMC Vellore can sometimes be demand a lot of your time, however, this has been made much easier with the introduction of online appointments. In this post, we will try to cover all the information required for booking appointments at CMC for both new and repeat patients through Online as well as  On-premise at the hospital.

First Appointment at Vellore CMC

If you are a New Patient, then one needs to Register before you can book Appointments. This is a one-time activity.

Two ways of booking appointments at Vellore CMC.

1. Online Web Appointments

2. Registration at Hospital

1. Online Web Appointments

Queues are pretty long for registration and making appointments at their counters throughout the year and I have seen people waiting on average 1 to 2 hour to make a payment and book an appointment. I would recommend taking an online appointment as they are pretty fast and can be done from anywhere and more importantly you can avoid hassles of long queues which can be quite frustrating.

General instructions to read before booking CMC online Out Patient (OP) appointments:

1. Appointments made to Vellore CMC through online will not be refunded.
2. Appointment Date can be changed only once at least one day prior to appointment date.
3. Change of Department / Unit is not allowed.
4. Please carry at least one Government recognized ID proof when you present yourself at Medical Records Officer (MRO) Counter.
5. Appointments are from Monday to Saturday for Out-Patients.
6. Appointments will not be accepted via Post/Phone.
7. Demand Drafts are accepted only at the cash counters.
8. Payments can be made through Credit / Debit / Net Banking and Chris card.

Steps to Register and Make your first appointment at Vellore CMC:

  1. Navigate to the site
  2. Select the checkbox “ I HAVE READ AND AGREED TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS” and Click on Proceed.
  3. Click on the button “New Patient (First time to CMC)?” which will take you to the Registration form.
  4. Enter all the required details like Name, Date of Birth, Address, Mobile number and Email ID and then click on Submit.
  5. Select the checkbox under the Declaration terms, Input the Captcha and Click on Proceed. This will take you to “Book a Slot” Page.
  6. Note down the User ID and Password for future reference. This User ID can also be used to make an appointment at CMC cash counter.
  7. Select the Appointment type from the drop-down list (Private or General), Department and Clinic.
  8. Appointment availability can be checked either by selecting the tab “Slots view by Doctor” or “Slots view by Date” and Click on View Slots.
  9. In Fix an Appointment window, Click on Book Now button next to your chosen Date and Doctor. Click Yes on the Confirmation popup and this will take you to Confirm Appointment page.
  10. Select the Payment Mode (Net Banking or Credit / Debit card) and Click on Proceed Payment.
  11. Enter your Card or Netbanking details as per the payment mode selected and once the payment is made successfully, it will take you to the Payment status page showing your payment status.
  12. On successful payment, one can take a printout of the Appointment. You will also be receiving your appointment details on your submitted Mobile and Email ID submitted in the registration form.

Email ID for Online Appointment queries: One cannot take appointment or register by email. However, if you have any queries related to online appointment or registration, you can email to

2. Registration at Hospital

1. One can come to the hospital premises at Vellore and Register.
2. There are separate buildings for Private and General Category appointments. If you are looking for Private appointments, go to SILVER GATE (600) anytime between

6.00 am to 9.00 pm (Monday to Friday)
6.00 am to 6.00 pm (Saturday)
6:30 am to 3 pm noon (Sunday)

3.  If you are looking for General appointments, go to ISSCC Building Ground floor counters. (Counter No.2 to 10)
4. If you have already pre-registered online and submitted your personal details, then you can go to counters 1 or 2 in the ISSCC Building Ground floor and let them know your User ID to book an appointment.

Payment methods available at CMC:

CHRIS Card: One can use Chris Card for making fast and easy payments at CMC&H, Vellore. There are dedicated Chris Counters where the queues are less compared to general counters. The Chris Card can be used both in-person at hospital and online.

Credit / Debit Card: Online or in-person at the hospital. As of now, Foreign credit cards are not accepted and only Indian Credit cards can be used.

Cash: In-person at the hospital.

Before you arrive at Vellore CMC:

  1. Book your travel in advance and If you are traveling by train, your destination station should be Katpadi Railway Station which is 5.9 km’s from CMC hospital.
  2. If you are traveling by Air, the nearest airport is Chennai Airport which is 130 km’s from CMC Vellore.
  3. It is advisable to arrive in the evening on the day before your appointment.
  4. Don’t forget to take your Government recognized ID proof.
  5. One should know that female attendant is mandatory to get admitted to the hospital ward.
  6. Weather is pretty hot

After you arrive at Vellore CMC:

  1. If you are arriving at Vellore by Train, there is a CMC Help Desk at Katpadi Railway station who can help you with any queries.
  2. Keep your Hospital Number Card safe and it may be asked by counter staff when you make new appointments pay and for the blood check up and other tests.
  3. There are no official guides outside CMC. For any help, contact the hospital staff or the Floor managers. Their contact numbers are displayed in each OP floors.
  4. Stay away from touts and they cannot help you make quick appointments or registrations.

Katpadi Railway Station CMC Help Desk:

CMC Help Desk counter is located at the entrance of Platform No.1
Help Desk Number– 9367985250

Appointments for Non-Indian Citizens or Foreigners:

International patients can look for more information for making appointments at the CMC website

For any information or queries with registration and appointment, you can email to

Repeat Appointments for Patients coming back to CMC

If you are coming back to CMC, then you will already be having a Hospital Number which is mentioned in Hospital Number Card so you don’t need to register again. You may be coming back to follow up with the doctor you have seen before or to consult a new doctor.

Online Web Appointments for Repeat Patients:

  1. Navigate to the site
  2. Select the checkbox “ I HAVE READ AND AGREED TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS” and Click on Proceed.
  3. Enter your Hospital Number and Birth year and Click on Login.
  4. Rest of the steps are same to be followed from Point no.7 in the section Steps to Register and Make your first appointment at Vellore CMC.

Appointment at Hospital for Repeat Patients:

One should carry their Hospital Number Card and Submit them at the cash counters and let the counter staff know about Department and Unit you are looking to get the appointment for.

Registration and Appointment Fees at Vellore CMC:

New Private:   Rs. 685 /- (Includes Registration Fee)
New General: Rs. 160 + Rs. 30 Registration Fee

Repeat Private appointments within 3 months are  Rs. 180 /- and after 3 months it’s Rs. 600/-

Repeat General appointments fees is Rs. 85 /-

CMC Vellore Refund Policy:

  1. No refund for General New and Repeat Registrations.
  2. No refund for Private Repeat Registrations
  3. No refund after date change
  4. Refund for private new Registration (Rs. 685/-) and after three-month renewal(Rs. 600/-) is one day before the date of appointment after deducting Registration fee (Rs. 230/-)
  5. Date change is possible only before the date of appointment.



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